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I have been walking a long and winding path. This is my healing path. I must say there were some points on the path where the end could not be imagined. I hurt all over and wanted to just stop and rest. I have not stopped. I have learned to rest while moving forward. I can not imagine the end of my path now. I do not want to imagine it anymore. The end of my path will be the end of my existence on this planet. I have learned to smile and I am enjoying life more now. The struggle pays off eventually.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Letter to a little boy

Dear little boy,

It is ok to come out now. I have had a talk with all the mean people and told them to leave you alone. I will not let them hurt you anymore. I love you and I will protect you always. Not even death will stop me from keeping you safe. You are a very special child and I am sorry no one has ever told you that before. I will teach you how to have fun and to play and laugh in the rain and in the sun. There will be difficult times ahead and sometimes you may get banged up and bruised. When this happens I will be right there with you. I will kiss your booboo's better and I will wipe the tears away. I will hug you and hold you and tell you that I love you and let you know that I am proud of you. You have come through so much already. No one can change that, however I can promise you that I will always be with you.

You are my pride and joy
You are my sunshine
You are my reason to keep going
when everything has me down
You are everything good and decent
within me.

You are my inner child and I Love You.


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