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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Baby Houdini

As a child I was active, very active. I had a lot of energy. I believe it was from the special diet that I had to be on. I am allergic to cattle dairy, eggs, tomatoes, and peanut oil plus a lot of other things that are not diet related. So I did not like to be put in my crib. I would climb out. My parents tired of this. They wanted some time for them. That is understandable. I can not fault them for that. They talked to someone who mentioned putting me into a harness and securing it in the crib. Well to my ears now this sounds like a bad idea. Think about all that could go wrong. Well they did not think about those things. They took the advice and went out and got a harness.

Well one eve they wanted to play some cards. No biggy I was almost 2 years of age at this point and the TV was my baby sitter. I would sit in front of it and watch it and be entranced. I would not run around the house. I would giggle and laugh and have a good time. This however was not acceptable to them. They wanted the time to play cards and not hear me or the TV. So out comes the harness and I get tied into this thing. They used square knots. Then they tied the harness to the bottom of the crib. Guess I am lucky there they could have tied it to the ceiling. Lot of good it would have done there too.

Ok so I am tied into this harness and it is tied to the bottom of the crib. All of the knots are square knots. Now they get the notion that perhaps I might get out of this. So they grab the single mattress off of the bed in the room with my crib and tie it to the top of the crib with you guessed it square knots. So here I am tied into a harness that is tied to the bottom of the crib with a mattress tied to the top of the crib. Not a nice picture if you ask me. Well I am not quite two so they did not ask me. They close the bedroom door and go to the dining room to play cards. They do not hear anything and think that I just gave up and went to sleep. Fat chance!

Ten minutes goes by and they are enjoying their game of cards when they hear the television set turn on. It was one of those twenty one inch floor models that made a high pitch squeal when the tube warmed up. Well they come out to the living room and there I am sitting on the floor watching TV. They could not believe it and went into the bedroom. Not one knot was untied. The harness was still secured to the bottom of the crib and the mattress was still secured to the top of the crib. They actually told the family doctor about this and he started to call me baby Houdini.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hugging you oh so tightly*

What they did is neither cute, funny or adorabel and to know that they tell this story with a laugh makes me so angry. I'm sorry for what they did to was WRONG...completely and utterly wrong.

I'm proud of you for having the courage to put these memories down

7:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom such a situation. Yes, I am guilty of using them, but in the manner in which they were intended. My son was a very active child, and heavy from day one.

It was suggested to me to get one and use it when we would go out and about so I would always know where he was, because he was attached to me. It gave him the freedom to use the legs he was discovering, and my back a break from carrying him.

To think someone could mis-use something meant to keep a child safe... utterly and incomprehensibly wrong..

I am glad none of the bad possiblities never happened to you. *tight hugs* and hope one day these memories will no longer haunt you.

Lady M

5:56 p.m.  

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